Monday, February 15, 2010

a view from up high

I have a huge obsession with flying. Not in my dreams, or like a bird, but on a plane, I love it. I get this incredible giddy feeling in my chest during take off, bursting capsules if you will.

I love the views from the sky and I love the tiny ice crystals that form on the windows if you fly long enough, or high enough, or overnight, I'm not entirely sure.

I saw this film on the weekend, Up in the Air. It was alright. It was basically a George Clooney vehicle and was almost exactly what I expected and I was really, really glad that he didn't score the young girl at the end (it's not a plot that one should worry about having spoiled, but sorry just in case).

My three favourite things about the movie were these:

1. The opening credits. They very nicely depict exactly what it is I love about pressing my forehead against those tiny plastic windows. A few months ago I flew into Melbourne on a glorious sunny afternoon and was so amazed by the view. It's a vast and sprawling city I live in, and with the tiniest crop of tall buildings popping up right in the middle. It's real life scale models, tilt-shift, I love it. Watch the whole sequence here

2. Danny McBride aka KENNY POWERS was in it (and Melanie Lynskey, NZ pride).

3. The soundtrack was surprisingly good.

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