Sunday, July 17, 2011


I am still alive! Just have been a bit uninspired of late. 
I'm saving, saving, saving for an adventure. It means that I've given up a more grown-up life of flatmates, dinners and extravagant laybys for parents, spending all my time with an ill tempered cat, and bringing leftovers in for lunch. On the plus side, I get to spend my spare time working through some very basic questions:
Should I live in Milan, Rome or Florence? Or somewhere else entirely?
Should I go full Eat Pray Love and stop in India and Bali, just to be facetious?
Should I buy the language book or just photocopy whole chapters out of it?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

we're still here


I spent a lot of last Friday morning booking tickets to the Melbourne International Film Festival later this month. I decided to do something I never do which is actually go to all (or a lot) of the movies I want to see. I bought one of those passes you can get which costs a lot but works out to be not so bad per ticket, I also got a bunch of tickets for my friends so that I only have to go to one or two alone. There is nothing wrong with going to a film by yourself, it's fun actually, liberating even, but more than ten in the space of only a few weeks could be more in the realm of depressing.

I booked tickets to a few much anticipated movies, The Future and Norwegian Wood among them, as well as Beats, Rhymes & Life and a few other music films. I got tickets to a couple I hadn't heard of at all before reading through the timetable last month, like The Matchmaker and some I had been looking forward to but it turns out no one else I've met has (Tiny Furniture for instance). 

I very rarely go to the movies any more, it feels like such a treat when I do. This actually feels a little excessive but if you knew how many I didn't get tickets to you would be impressed with my self-restraint. Or not.

Also, I finally got around to watching Catfish the other night and it was good, plus all of the guys who made it are dreamboats.