Sunday, February 28, 2010

form and function

A much nicer photo of the blanket in lookbook action. I think they actually have two here though.
My friend Zoe has this amazing picnic blanket, it has sleeves, so you can turn it into a jacket, and get this, there are four of them! Amazing. I saw it at the Thousands Shop* when they opened but didn't realise until Australia day and the moment captured blurrily above how truly great this idea is. So then today I was looking at other things on the Thousands Shop's website and have come to the conclusion that I really like the work/clothes of ffiXXed. I also discovered that my friend owns a $400 picnic blanket, eeep!
That blanket again, just one this time. And a pretty dress to boot.
According to their website, ffiXXed is 'a collaborative design/art project with a focus on producing readymade fashion products. The label began in Berlin but its headquarters are now mobile, gravitating to whatever global centres in no particular order'. The picnic blanket is a project produced for/in collaboration with (still working this out?) Condiment - Adventures in Food and Form.
I particularly love and want the jacket above, and the pants down below. I love how clean this whole range seems.

A shirt with shopping bag attached! I don't think I could actually pull this off, but shirt-wise I love the brown buttons and crisp-ness

I want these pants! They also come in black and an icey blue which I think is becoming my new colour obsession, everything I've been drawn to today has been preppy, crisp, pale blue button down shirts and skinny pants.

*More on this later, one day, I assure you.

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