Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Lou loves velvet, I love velvet. I love what Courtney has done with Lonely Hearts' velvet shorts on her v. cool new website always/sometimes/anytime. The question is, do you go for the pants or for the shorts? 
All pictures from Always/Sometimes/Anytime, which is definitely worth a look or two. On an unrelated note, I bought some Mac Face and Body foundation as a birthday present to myself and I'm worried its too dark.

rising sun blues

I need to know more about Alan Lomax, folklorist and ethnomusicologist. Listen to interviews with him and his biographers, as well as excerpts from his recordings, on NPR. He travelled the world recording folk songs and talking to folk singers. I especially love his early recordings of blues singers in the South. In 1937 he recorded "House of the Rising Sun", sung by 16 year old Georgia Turner on the street. And, you know "Po Lazarus", which the chain gang sings in O Brother Where Art Thou? He recorded that, in Mississippi State Penitentiary, in 1959. Its just so interesting

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

when you're a jet, you're a jet all the way...

Check out this babe being a babe on a skateboard. His name is Kilian Martin and it was all for Man About Town. Does it remind you of West Site Story, too? Photos from Future Shock.

I like her tattoos

I only have one tattoo, but I'm sure I'll get more. Its addictive! I like Olivia Kim's tattoos, especially the little birds on her hands. She talks about them on Into the Gloss.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

it's not sunny here at all

A scratch has appeared in the middle of the left lens of my sunglasses. The (black) arms are turning a bit white, I think from wearing them in the pool too much. I left them at a friend's house and then at a bar after he returned them to me. I got them back, but I am thinking this may be the universe telling me it's time for a new pair...

I am sorely tempted by Retro Super Future's Super Lucia, particularly after seeing them in this shoot (via Because I'm Addicted), they're the kind of thing one needs to try on before purchasing though and I don't know where to find them in Melbourne.

There was a pair of PAM sunglasses at FAT about 15 months ago that I loved. I didn't need new sunglasses then and now I can't find them.

I'll most likely end up with another pair of wayfarers. Probably tortoise shell all over again. Change is hard, stick with what you know.

back at work

Working during the summertime is not a good thing. I've been back at work for 5 hours and I want out. Perhaps its time to go off the grid and offer my services as a hermit to an isolated small town in need of one? I have a friend who lives in a hut in the forest; he thoroughly enjoys it and has not yet gone looney.
Images of sweet huts from here and here.