Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's no secret that Han loves neutral tones. I tend to wear a lot of (only) black and at the beginning of Summer decided to try and branch out into more colorful territory. I bought a beige dress - like really, really beige - and when I tried it on the girl in the shop said 'no one's even tried that on yet because of the color', then she gave me a discount and I was happy. The first time I wore it I got heaps of compliments! Beige is great! Despite (because of?) the fact that you look kind of naked from far away, it's actually flattering. I still don't condone padded beige bras and control panties. Blogs love beige at the moment! Hello, bandwagon!

The top picture of Emily blunt is from an interview in the LA Times and the bottom one I forgot where I found it, sorry

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  1. how did I raise a child who would grow up to espouse the wearing of beige?