Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I went to New Zealand Fashion Week (well, two shows, yesterday) and I wrote about it here. If you're interested, pop over to Always Sometimes Anytime to look at their very up-to-the minute coverage and photos of pretty much all of the shows. 
One of the most polarising articles of the week was What's up with Adrian Hailwood? Read that, and then read this and this. It is interesting to see the different perspectives, right? 
On the whole, I have learnt that I don't have the stamina for fashion week. I'm a spectator, not a participant, and I just can't buy into it - I can't afford to, and it's such an effort. I have horrible blisters. My brain is fizzing with  hare-brained schemes to obtain the boots from Ruby, the leather pants from Lonely Hearts. When I eventually made my way home, I cooked a steak and ate it in front of the TV, and could not imagine having the energy to haul myself to the show I was meant to go to later that evening.
But I do have an interest in nice things. These are photos of some nice things from Liam, Ruby, Lonely Hearts. Liam is taking over from Madame Hawke, in case you were confused, and is, apparently,Ruby's slightly more grown-up best friend. All images courtesy of the sweet and talented Claire Wolf via Always Sometimes Anytime.

Monday, August 22, 2011

book smarts, not street smarts

Lou and I have both gone back to school this year, and for me, at least, its been pretty fun. By "go back to school" I mean go to a "continuing education" Italian class. Apparently I have a good accent, for a beginner. I've noticed that a lot of the older people in the class just don't get the accent thing. Italian vowel sounds are rather different from New Zealand ones, but its like they're a little embarrassed to make Italian words sound Italian. They read them out phonetically, with decidedly New Zealand sounding vowels. For example, when you say: "mi chiamo Hannah" in Italian, it should sound a little like "me kiamo Hannah". My classmates might say it like "my chee(as in cheese)-ammo Hannah". I was paired up with a lady who didn't get the sounds and I tried to help her come to grips with them by saying that the vowels were a little similar to Maori vowels - "ahh eeeeh iii orr eww" - and she said "I wouldn't know, I've never heard Maori" and then made a joke about Asian drivers. Whatever. Pictures from T Magazine.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Do you remember the first night we met? We had actually met a few times before, but I mean the first night we hung out, without any mutual friends as buffers. I came to your work after close with my workmates and must have been there until at least 4am, it can't have been too much later because it was still dark when we got to your apartment. Your friend Jase was there – he became my friend after that night – and someone else maybe but that I'm not sure of. I'm not sure of very much, considering the circumstances and all the years that have passed since, but there are things that have stayed with me. I tripped on the stairs, I remember protesting that I had not eaten that night, it's something you say when you are embarassed at showing how drunk you are, isn't it? I remember you, I think it was you – there was something there I thought, I hoped, eyes had been made earlier – putting a pill in my mouth. Actually I might not remember that, maybe it was handed to me and I swallowed it on my own. It was not my first but still new enough. I remember only a few minutes passing before I was throwing up all over the bathroom. Had you been showering, did I burst in? Maybe you came in and found me there. I imagine any glimmer of that something faded away while you cleaned up my puke, I don't really know now. I remember you found a hair tie somewhere, to tie my hair up. I remember that I fell asleep and you went out with the others, there were early morning 'hospo nights' then, surely there still are, and I remember when I woke up the next day I thought someone had come into my room and painted the wall while I was sleeping, before I remembered that I was in your bed. You were next to me then, and I remember that you kissed me when we were both only just awake, I remember you had been wearing blue underwear, not shorts but tight, y fronts, no boys I knew wore that sort of underwear then.

Though your blue underwear may have been another time, later on.

I heard a few years ago that you were living here, and we have talked once, on a bizarre trip out of town we both happened to be on. But I didn't think about that night then, I just thought of it today, when we passed each other on the street, without recognition. I remember we joked about the wastefulness of my purge, I remember being both flattered and repulsed that you had kissed me after the events of only a few hours earlier. I remember that I went to your apartment for a while after that, always so late at night that it was already the next morning, a few times staying until it was the next night again. You were tall, tall and skinny with a baby's face and curls. You wore underwear that was different from the boys' whose underwear I had seen before.