Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the bells of st clements

This Summer I have developed an affinity for a particular shade of orange. I invented a cardigan in my head which I'm yet to find in material form (probably a good thing as savings have Officially Started), it's small but not 'cropped' or '3/4 sleeved', it's soft and thin and a little bit flimsy, and it's a beautiful not-quite-pinkish orange that could never be called coral.

Apparently in the fashion world this colour is currently known as Persimmon. That works for me*. So far the only persimmon thing I actually own (actually they're a little too pink) is a pair of socks from Gorman which I've taken to wearing with clogs, something that was described as 'brave' by a good friend.

Anyway it's certainly, very much still Summer around here (never leave me) and I'm feeling like wearing lemons and tangerines.

*We have a persimmon tree in the backyard, it yeilds a lot more fruit than I know how to deal with so if anyone has some delicious suggestions please let me know!

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