Wednesday, February 3, 2010

paullina paullina

I'm reading a trashy novel at the moment, and I can't put it down. Not even on the bus today, when I stumbled upon the fabled 100 pages of sex scenes. I was, of course, sitting next to a slightly wierd dude who smelt a bit so I tried to keep the book away from his line of vision. An excerpt:

'They couldn't even wait to get home. He carried the trunk into the pines and sat down on it. Tatiana climbed on top of him. "Don't be too loud in the woods," he told her, lifting her onto himself and kissing her.'

That goes on for 100 pages.

But the thing about this book is: everyone you know has secretly read it. It's really, really moreish. It's epic and sweeping and full of romance and longing glances and then BAM! 100 pages of Tatiana discovering the joy of sex in the woods with Alexander.

It wants to be a bit like Doctor Zhivago

If you want to read this book(and you probably do) go running over to your mum's house, it probably is part of her book club reading list. If you have a girlfriend who owns all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD and majored in english so she could do a paper on Jane Austen, go ask her. She totally read this book on the sly and became slightly obsessed. Those girlfriends are awesome. Oh, it is called The Bronze Horseman. Boom!

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