Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This magic drink actually sounds delicious
There's a display next to the counter at my local post office of calligraphy kits. I assume these are intended to be purchased as gifts for the bookish, yet creative child, or bored housewife.

Jenna's incredible envelopes... I wish I could address all my mail like this
I've always loved hand drawn type, and lately have become obsessed with calligraphy and scripts. I'm a capable young woman, I have a steady hand, but seriously, is this learnable or do you have to be born with it??
The ever-blogged Anna Bond of Rifle Design is probably my idol in this department. She makes the most beautiful wedding invitations

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  1. I learned it in a class, it is learnable, but takes lots of practice (and special pens). Go for it, get a book from the library and practice practice practice.