Tuesday, February 2, 2010

pies and joanna

Was yesterday the perfect day? We made a delicious pie - the inaugaural pie - while listening to The Marriage of Figaro (its the next opera we're putting on and I'm trying to get to know it better). I figure that since I talk about pies so much, and since my flat seems really obsessed with them now, everytime we make one, I'll chuck the recipe up here, just for sake of a record.


The pie was basically full of seasonal things we had in our vege box. We cooked up some leek, garlic and
onion in the skillet til they were translucent, then poured some wine on top, let it cook off a bit, threw in sliced parsnips and carrots and then a bit of vegetable stock to cover it all. Meanwhile, Adele mashed some potatoes (without butter or anything) and we added them. Then we threw in some mystery kale-like ruffly greens, some feta (my flat is a CHEESE flat) and poured it into the pie dish, which was already lined with flaky pastry. Then we grated parmesan on top (I repeat, CHEESE flat), and did a rough approximation of a lattice top with the left over pastry. In the oven for ten minutes and then BAM yougotsomekindapie!

And then we went to Joanna Newsom and she is lit from within and charming and so amazing and it was the best night ever. And her drummer, Neal, is adorable. He wore a full suit but no shoes. This is Neal:

We love you, Neal. Photo of Neal from here.

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  1. Great to see my favorite harpist getting some respect!

    Speaking of Newsom, Roan Press's "Visions of Joanna Newsom" book is now available for pre-ordering: http://www.roanpress.com/ourbooks.html

    You can see the blurbs at http://www.roanpress.com/news.html