Monday, February 22, 2010

hey LOU

I think my new room is approximately the same size as yours.
I need some wall to wall, ceiling to floor shelves.
And, perhaps, a clothes rack that hangs from the ceiling.
Also, Mary Poppin's carpet bag and/or Doctor Who's pants.
Don't worry about me though, Susie is on the case.
Photos of floor to ceiling shelves from Interior Divine.


  1. I adore floor to ceiling book shelves, books are my favourite design element in any home. Never get tired of looking at photos of other people's book cases- does that make me freak? Don't answer that, Lou...

  2. Mum, you're not a freak. I mean, well, not because of this. I have a room with floor to ceiling shelves! Not enough books to fill them, and resisting the urge to do so with the impending travel plans, but still, they exist and are wonderful...