Monday, September 28, 2009

where the wild things are x opening ceremony

A couple of weeks ago Urban Outfitters hosted a pop up shop at their Space 15 Twenty gallery, they followed this up with an exhibition and then released a range of wtwta clothes. I quite like the leggings but what I actually wanted to tell you all about was the Where the Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony range (could you tell by the title?).
I don't even know if I'd wear any of this, perhaps if I was in the northern hemisphere, but I got excited about it all the same and wanted to share some pictures.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

if only we all could age this gracefully

There's so much to be said about growing up (not old, neccessarily!) gracefully.
These ladies were cast by Joanna Sykes for her show at London Fashion Week. I love silver pants' hair...
My family goes grey early. I'm not saying I'm going to embrace it as a thirty or forty year old, but I think there is definitely something awesome about owning your greys.

(Photo from

we love magazines

I am so so very excited about the new issue of POP. A long story short for those who didn't know; POP's very celebrated editor Katie Grand left last year to found the new magazine LOVE. The publishers cancelled the next issue while they searched for a new editor, and eventually hired Dasha Zhukova, which drew a lot of attention (mostly negative) and started a big old blog world debate with a lot of side taking and mud slinging.

Anyway, Zhukova's first issue has been released, there's four editions of the cover, starring Style Rookie Tavi, who is awesome (if you don't know about her, read up, hers is an excellent story). I'm avoiding reading reviews until I can see it for myself, but from what has slipped through it sounds like there's a lot of artist collaboration and fashion blogging inside. I must get my hands on this magazine, ASAP!

If you don't read POP, the whole new editor thing is no big deal, but it's an amazing magazine and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a new glossy to look forward to....

Hooray, new Lula is out (a little while ago now), and has a gorgeous redhead on the cover! Holding my breath for this to arrive in the post, hopefully today.... Han already posted about this though, as have many others, so you should go read them xx
I got home on the weekend to find a lovely someone had bought me the latest Interview, haven't had the chance to read it yet but am looking forward to Jake G's interview with Natalie Portman, Jason Schwartzman and Chace Crawford sans preppy cardigan! (I now have to try really hard to resist reading these online)
This is another magazine I would strongly reccommend to those who don't already read, full of interviews with famous people by other famous people - recent bests include January Jones interviewed by Jack Nicholson and Dave Eggers & Vendela Vida by Nathan Englander. Also they have an excellent website which means I can read all these great interviews and spend the pennies saved on other favourites like Lula or the Journal, who generally don't put so much of their excellent content on the internet...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

on (not) another note

I just added a lovely pair of Tristan Blair wedges to my very-small-since-moving-countries shoe collection. Despite me having NO MONEY to spend on lovely things, because ALL MY MONEY must be spent on teeth, I am rather chuffed with this rash purchase. I can't show you pictures because they are nowhere on the internet.

I am not one of those girls that wears heels every day. I would like to be, and in Auckland - for a short stint working on Queen St - I was, however since moving to Melbourne I have probably worn heels about seven times. I just feel as though I am Very Dressed Up whenever I put on anything high and have decided that this needs to change.

Anyway, here are some pictures of more shoes that Han and I can't afford. Because that's what you want to see right?
Shoes from top: Pierre Hardy (on Garance Dore), Guiseppe Zanotti and Givenchy, all taken from Jak & Jill , my favorite blog for shoe porn.....
The two above are the sandals Han and I may end up matching in from Opening Ceremony, and my big crush - lattice wedges also from Opening Ceremony...

cruel world of unattainable shoes

Shoe porn from refinery29.
Studs, buckles and clunky heels. Mmmmm.

I can't remember...are the top ones the cloggish ones from Oak that I previously mentioned? Ach!

The boots are Alexander Wang...whose ubiquity would almost be tiresome if he wasn't so damn good. Gotta love armchair critiques from a girl who couldn't possibly actually buy anything from his range, HA! How's that for meaningless?

Want shoes. Moh. TGIF x

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

look look look

Ok so these are actually from Liebemarlene's post about the new Lula magazine.

They're screen grabs from a dreamy little video that stars lots of beautiful should really go directly to Lula's website, click on the link that says "There's no place like home" and watch the whole thing. Its creepy and beautiful and Peter Weir-ish and Citizen's Band-ish and all those other things we like. It reminds me of this surrealist short by Maya Deren and her husband Alexander Hammid that I saw in London called Meshes of the Afternoon.

On a superficial note, I want to dress like these ladies everyday. And go to pre-raphaelite tea parties. In fact, having a pre-raphaelite themed party could be amazing, if a tad, um, self-indulgent (IDEA!). Also this makes me want a straw hat something chronic.

Lou,check out the tights.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Life doesn't hold tryouts

If there is one thing that Patrick's tragic passing has brought home to me, its that I love dance movies. No matter what the style of dance, no matter how shitty they are. I love them all.

My favourite is Centre Stage - it has it all: Peter Gallagher's eyebrows, hilarious choreography, the charmingly wooden acting of professional ballet dancers, lots of "issues" (eating disorders, controlling stage mothers, the problems around introducing new and fresh styles to the classical ballet repertoire, having sex, dating non-dancers, and, of course, the value in believing in yourself and doing it your way).

its not ballet but it is still a valid form of artistic expression

Most importantly, Centre Stage features the amazing scene, which appears in almost all of these movies where the formerly uptight girl-next-door gets sexually awakened by some (apparently) extremely attractive bad-boy dancer. In this case, its this guy, Cooper Neilson. It has to be said, he's no Patrick:

the bad boy of the NY Ballet

I have just found out that there is a SEQUEL to Centre Stage coming out soon - and it is called...wait for it...Centre Stage: Turn it Up.

I don't know how they can "turn it up" any more than they did
here, but I can't wait to watch this piece of badassery.

oh Patrick

How sad, Patrick Swayze died.
Hannah and I used to watch Dirty Dancing on hungover Sundays wrapped in blankets, screaming 'Oh Patrick' whenever Johnny Castle had a line, took off his shirt, danced, or just appeared on screen. I think he may be the sexiest movie character Ever. At least in the top five.

Here's a NY Times article about it all.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

you've made THE LIST

I'm happy because:

1) the sun came out and burnt me a little on the weekend
2) it was so warm that I did yoga on my little deck in my undies
3) my flatmates are mostly away so noone saw
4) lots of birds were singing and the kitten was hanging out
5) I watched the Princess Bride and the Rodent of Unusual Size
6) I had brunch twice. 1st was an eggs benedict and 2nd was a bruchetta. Bruchetta wins!
7) I'm reading a super trashy book and I LOVE IT

"classic bestseller"? Really?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i'm scared!

I'm going to the dentist today, for the first time in ages!
I'm afraid they'll tell me off for not flossing and drinking coffee and smoking sometimes, and for only recently starting to chew sugarfree gum after I eat and getting an electric toothbrush. Don't you wish you had pretty even NATURAL looking whitey white teeth (not scary fake white like Ross')? I do.

Photos snatched from Garance Dore and Knight Cat.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the answer is always Pacey

OK so the fact is that I have been obsessed (to varying degrees over the past 9 years or so) with Pacey Whitter.

Dawson was horrifying to behold and when Pacey came on I would actually feel this huge sense of relief
that I didn't have to watch Dawson, his peanut shaped head, his old-man leechery and his unebelievable, ungodly haircut.


I loved it when he took Joey to visit her Bad Father Who Is In Jail and they played Sarah McLaughlin and I loved it when he got frosted tips and I loved it when he was so supportive of Andie when she went through her bad times and I loved it wh
en he pulled over the car and totally pashed Joey Potter (2.08) and I loved his husky voice and I basically loved it whenever he went on some apparently Hair Brained Scheme that actually wound up being meaningful to him and Dawson would never understand until Pacey spelled it out for him and made him feel bad. AND OMG I loved it when he called his boat the True Love and worked on it all year long until it was finally ready to sail away with Joey in, bought her a wall, wrote "ASK ME TO STAY ON IT", and left Dawson depressed (ha!), alone (ha!) and full of self loathing(hahahahah!!!) (3.40)

And now look at him! My heart is exploding, the capsules are bursting. I'm a heartbeat away from making the top picture my desktop. Not the second one, even though its like my DREAM.

Just a thought: It's also quite amazing the way that there is no way that I can consider Joshua Jackson as an entity separate from Pacey. He will always and forever be Pacey and if I met him (gasp!) I'd be like one of those crazed Edward Cullen fans that try to get Robert Pattinson to bite their neck.


I'm still sore after yoga on Monday and am foolishly going back for more tonight...

Do you know what else hurts?

I've spent the better part of three days trying to track down a certain Lover one piece and even though Australia is ridiculously near to New Zealand it has been a hea
rtbreaking process which has signified NOTHING. What is this life about? Why are things which should be so easy be so hard? A friend of mine lent me her Lover swimsuit last year and I remember a wave of happiness washing over me that no other swimsuit has ever evoked. Usually, I'd balk at spending hundreds of dollars on a swimwear but this little dude is something special.

To make myself feel better I bought this from Topshop:

That's right, its a navy and cream breton striped crop top with hook and eyes going up the middle. I need to stop buying things online when I cannot quite discern if they are ugly or not. The day I found out that Topshop shipped to NZ was a day terrible in its greatness. The floodgates to relatively guilt-free online purchasing have been opened. Aiee!

I feel as though Lou and I have become a little too pre-occupied with online shopping. Next post will not be about things I want to buy from the internet. Promise.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

i heart it

Hearts on tights! Love! I actually have some just like Alexa Chung's (sheer with lots of tiny hearts), though they're rather torn and laddered......


I'm a little bit late on the Kimberley Ovitz bandwagon, I would have loved one of her slouchy sweaters this Winter. Spring has very much sprung now in Melbourne, however it's still pretty cold and these long sleeve dresses are looking mighty fine. NUDE, never thought I would go there but I want it.

Found via Knight Cat a while ago, after having a strange dream about a black and white checked shirt.

want want want

I want want want these kaylee tankus clogs. Real bad. Pity I don't have $420 US to drop on clogs at the mo...

You can get them from here if you do. And then pop them in the post to me in New Zealand. Kia ora. Photos from

Thursday, September 3, 2009

he won the lottery...dropped dead the next day

I love the way the models in Vogue Italia always seem to have more fun. No bland Caroline Trentini jumping in beige pants against a brown sheet here.

Putting aside the vague icky feeling I get from seeing models all derelicte in couture I think the hot lil' tramp aesthetic is awesome and I like the way Meisel got TOTAL COMMITMENT out of his mud-smeared models.

Images from Fashion Copius.