Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Q + A for L + H aka So Far, in February

I'm meant to be "working from home" at the moment but instead I'm compiling Lou and Han's monthly list of things. Enjoy!

LOU: Troubleshooting by Molly Young and The Witches of Eastwick
HAN: After the Flood by Margaret Atwood,

Listening to:
LOU: Dead Man's Bones, Warpaint, Clinger Sisters SHOOP SHOOP DE DOOP
HAN: Have one on Me, especially 81 and La Boheme

wishing for:
LOU: Opening Ceremony lace up rope wedges (they also come in pink!)
HAN: crispy linen wide-leg mannish cuffed pants which don't exist apart from in my head and possibly in Annie Hall.

Watching on ebay:
LOU: succulents
HAN: shearling jackets

LOU: playing with watercolors and making terrariums.
HAN: revisiting the Moro Gold, swimming in rivers, weekend road-trips.

LOU: Beige Arnsdorf dress and clogs, straw sunhat
HAN: mid-calf grey dress I chopped up, clogs (shoe twins!), sunhat, brownish lipstick

Bought or been gifted:
LOU: Tina Kalivas tie dye mini
HAN: a brown leather and suede clutch from Matariki in London (that's a person, not a shop)
LOU: mackerel salad
HAN: bagel with cos, tomato, feta, courgette and the crumbled yolk of a hard boiled egg. Sounds wierd but is dii-viiine.

LOU: My tendency to watch anything if it's ad-free and available in large quantities, case in point; recently finished the first seasons of both Cougar Town and NYC Prep, neither of which had any viewing merits (Courtney has a smokin' bod, but is otherwise incredibly annoying and the cast of NYC Prep are all ugly and unfashionable when I was really hoping for a 'real life' gossip girl). I don't recommend them. And nor will I recommend Real Housewives of NYC or RuPaul's Drag Race once I watch them, but I'm still going to. Gag.
HAN: My sad little bank account. Humidity. And the Yvonne and Ben storyline on Shortland Street. Yuck.

Looking for:
LOU: a tight stretchy black mini skirt. This should be easy no?
HAN: A bed!

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