Wednesday, March 31, 2010

long weekends

Happy Easter, hope it's a lovely one filled with hot cross buns and pals xox
These beautiful pictures are from This is Naive.


I like groups of things. Repetitive, matching, colour coded, outnumbered. I'm drawn to displays of merchandise in shops, the work of Andreas Gursky, patterns, stacks of books and big cities. Today I found Public Collectors which I also quite like. Of particular note are the collections of Mexican adult comics and childhood graffiti from antique sources (both pictured above, a lot of the Mexican porn is nsfw).
Other good places to look for this kind of thing are Collection a Day, and Flickr

Monday, March 29, 2010

imaginary friends

Just doing a bit of imaginary online shopping. Wishing it was real. If I were to find myself today with a bucketload of cash here is what would be arriving on my doorstep next week.

Surface to Air suede wedges, £255 at Browns Opening Ceremony clog boot things £295.00 at Browns (they only have them in red on the OC site)

LD Tuttle 'The Gather', £375.00 at Amelie Boutique

LD Tuttle 'The Hun', USD$610 from Oak NYC


Sunday, March 28, 2010

sucka lucka

How old are you then?
As if
Yes, eh Ed I'm 16 eh bro
He's nine
Nah I'm 16 Ed remember
Shut up man I'm reading...
How old are you then?
12? Yeah, too much girl, too much

Over the last few days I've had a few messages from friends in NZ recommending the movie BOY. I finally watched the trailers this morning and can't wait till it's out in Australia.

For those of you who aren't from NZ and don't already know, BOY is the new feature film from Taika Waititi, who also directed Eagle vs. Shark, episodes of Flight of the Conchords, and this amazing short film. Two Cars One Night was nominated for an Oscar... Do watch it if you haven't already, and go and see BOY when you get the chance. Egg is such an excellent insult.

you're better than James Dean

I saw "A Single Man" last night. Highly reccommend it. I wonder if Tom Ford would agree to be my life coach? Do you think he'd be into guiding my aesthetic decision making?

George, obviously

Saturday, March 27, 2010

spoken word

This article from the New York Times, about a father who read to his daughter every night for years and years and years is the sweetest thing I've read in ages.

"In those nine-plus years, they survived many close calls. When Kristen was still in elementary school, her father and older sister went to Washington. “The phone rings at 10:45 at the hotel and it’s Kristen,” Mr. Brozina recalled. “She says, ‘Dad, we forgot The Streak!’ Fortunately, I always travel with several books and we read right then and there.”

Thursday, March 25, 2010

rock n rolla

If you're in Melbourne this weekend and find yourself all dressed up with no place to go on Saturday night, might I suggest Bama Lama at The Order of Melbourne tomorrow from 9pm. Here's a little bit more information for your perusal.

I don't think these pictures are entirely appropriate to the theme, but I like them, they're both from we heart it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lets learn this dance

Yeah, I know, that's why I play the drums - it's me active compensatory factor.

Sorry, the post title is one of the only Ringo lines that I can remember from a Hard Day's Night which was meant to be my segueway into saying that ringohaveabanana has put up some photos of NZ and Melbourne and it filled me with civic/antipodian pride!

In celebration, my favourite scene from the aforementioned film. I want this on DvD, dammit.


The rains have come to Auckland, which means it is time to think about buying some boots.
hate buying boots because:
1) In Auckland all the nice boots are really, really expensive.

2) In Auckland everyone owns the same nice boots because there aren't many to choose from.
3) Vintage stores have figured this out, and now their boots are also really, really expensive.
4) I have ridiculously skinny legs and ankles. I know that this sounds all "woe is me" but I actually look ridiculous in boots that are ill-fitting, and don't get me started on flat ankle boots. It's quite a concern and has plagued me since I was a little girl and my Mum (thanks, Susie) pointed out their chicken-like nature.

5) Topshop have some nice and affordable ones but I worry that everyone will have the same idea that I had and get them. Also I'm not sure they'll work with my wardrobe. Angst.

Do you guys know what sort of boots I should buy? I already have docs and some nice high heeled ankle sneaker ones (sounds like a contradiction in terms, I know). I would prefer not to spend a million bucks on them, but am not opposed to layby. At the moment the boot that springs to mind is some beau coops from GAG or the Public Libaray. Otherwise some Kathryn Wilson flat ones? The mind boggles. Piccies from Jak and Jil.

Monday, March 22, 2010

with a name like dorelia, you're bound to become someone's dark haired bohemian muse

There are a three exhibitions on at the NGV currently which I want to go and see (besides/as well as the much more publicised Ron Mueck show):

Love, Loss and Intimacy is on until late July at the International Gallery on St Kilda Road and is a collections of drawings and prints, as well as paintings, sculpture, photographs and media works exploring how the human emotions of desire, grief and affection tie the observer to the observed. I haven't been to NGV in almost a year and am quite keen to get back and see this, among all the other things they have on, might need to set a long day aside...

The other two are both free at the the Ian Potter Centre in Fed Square. Together Alone ends on April 18th and Stick It! is on until August. Together Alone features work by eight antipodean fashion houses, and Stick It! is an exhibition of Australian collage over the past 70 years, which I think will be awesome. Did I mention they're free, anyone want to join me?

The pictures are both from the Love, Loss and Intimacy page

rear window

Apartment living means closing the curtains before you get undressed and trying not to hear private things.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

another very long post

Oh, I went to another runway show on Thursday night. This time I went alone and took notes, kind of. I also tried to take photos on my phone but that was bust.


Alpha60 I generally like because they're not crazy expensive, use nice fabric, and I wear a lot of black. I thought I saw this beautiful wool cape thing in black and in light grey, but I can't find it in the photos so maybe I imagined it. Hope not 'cause I intend on purchasing it. I also wrote 'grey trench' in my notes, so here's a picture of that. Though it was later outshone by 'Zam trench want want!'...

The notes I took for Carly Hunter are cryptic and kind of annoying: 'screen peach ghost gum necklaces'. Gah. There was a lot of pink and peach, I liked. They wore these neclaces made of hair which caught my eye and which may have been by a label called Ghost Gum but I can't find anything about that on the internet. Update: yes I can, they are.

Nom*D brought it! I got all chuffed up with kiwi pride and could swear everyone clapped louder for them. They started with three models layered in white which was nice because NZ fashion is often thought of as very dark, which it is/used to be. They of course got darker. My favourite of the white looks is a different one but the picture's all full of nipple and I feel kind of bad, here's a link though, if you're a perv. I'm quite smitten with the super-fringey bags! Also, just look at this man, I giggled.

Limedrop I know I liked but can't find anything particularly special in the pictures, there's some pretty cloud print on their website, and knitted blue camo sweaters.

I loved this bustier over shirt thing that TV did. I can't explain why, perhaps because I have a couple of 'bralets' on their way from Top Shop as we speak? They have nothing on this brocade number, but still. Also, I have been loving orange lately. They had a lot of lime, jacquard and denim too.
Zambesi! The trench that stole my heart, and trench coats in general aren't even my type. This picture does it no justice, it was actually beautiful and perfectly fit and the little capey bit at the back hung just so... I also loved the shoes but forgot to look at the end when it says where they're from, black boots with light soles, nice.

This show had lots of boys. Almost all of the collections were mixed and Jack London was all male, this one in the little hat was my favourite. I liked the colourful suits and 50s styling, and tweed.

Other non-runway highlights inculded sitting behind Allanah Hill and her posse. I didn't know who she was and was kind of confused by all the people having their photo taken with a funny Australian version of the nanny, I actually had to text a friend for assistance. In the end I asked the nice mother daughter pair beside me and was a little disappointed that she was just a designer probably best described, in my mind, as Australia's answer to Trelise Cooper. I'm sorry if I have that entirely wrong and you love Allanah Hill and/or Trelise Coop, however I have trouble moving past big hair, lipstick and ruffley clothes as defining features.

PS (unrelated star-spotting news) Yesterday WAVERLEY WILSON came into my work. That was really exciting even though no one knew who I was talking about. I forgot that she may also be known as Aurora from Outrageous Fortune, which might have been a more Aus-friendly reference.

PPS Before I went to the runway show on Thursday, I saw the creators of Refinery29 speak, it was really interesting and inspirational, and funny spotting some internet 'celebrities' but also kind of weird in that way. Off-topic related highlights included Pierra using the word 'zeitgeist' in a sentence, without any irony or air quotes, and noticing that the fashion editor at The Australian needed new heel caps on her shoes, yes, these are the important things that I scribbled during. Also someone said tenaciousness at one point which had me wondering, isn't it 'tenacity'?

power couple

Did you know Mikhail Baryshnikov and Jessica Lange were a couple in the 70s? That's the kind of celebrity fact I find really interesting. Photo from

happy mondays

Today has so far been a lovely start to the week, despite what might actually be a slight hangover and some bad late for work dreams this morning...

I am eating the most delicious, flaky, crisp on the outside soft on the inside french pastry - an escargot from Monsieur Truffe on Smith St. It was a reward for the lateness being only a dream and a consolation for the hangover, and half of it is now embarassingly adorning the front of my dress.

I've just watched these two videos which both made me very happy. The one above I found on We Love You So and below is via The Debonaire, who's also posted this trailer which looks funny!


I ate the most delicious brunch on the weekend (Lou, brace yourself):

Potato rosti with pancetta and gruyere, with rocket and a perfectly poached egg on top. It was drizzled with basil pesto. It was so delicious that between bites I would point at it and exclaim "CHEESE/PANCETTA/ROCKET/RUNNY YOLK" to my bemused (vegetarian) flatmate.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

moving day !

I'm wearing my Braveheart t shirt to inspire us during our trials. I hate moving, mostly because I loathe cleaning kitchens which were gross when you moved in. Also: dust. I'm excited to actually see our new apartment...eep!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

speaking of SXSW

If you're there, go see my ex-flatmate, Graham, play in the Ruby Suns, and his co-conspirator, Hayden, play in Lawrence Arabia. They're good, I promise!

PS. Have included Graham's music video for his band, Panther and the Zoo, on the off-chance one of our readers is a music industry big wig (one who chews on cigars and finishes sentences with "seee?")who thinks that these guys have "a great sound" and should be flying on jet planes surrounded by mountains of the white stuff with babes in bikinis.

PPS. That is my old flat he's typing in. Farewell, dampest house in Kingsland.


Oh god I love food. I actually dreamed about two of my favourite leafy green vegetables the other night, kale and cavolonero. If anyone knows where I can find some in Melbourne please share!

My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures. I'm excited because I have some red quinoa at home which I've not used before so if I can get my hands on some kale I'm hoping to make a kind of variation on this salad. Also I recently made this chilli and it was AMAZING and I am recommending it to everyone I can. I might have even already posted about it on here, it was that good.

I'm not going to be cooking anything tonight because as soon as I finish work I'm off to see the founders of Refinery 29 give a little talk and then another runway show at LMFF which I might tell you all about on Monday...
Here are some links to my favourite foods on the internet: Tastespotting is basically food porn and also an excellent resource for recipes and things. Salad and Candy is funny and interesting and a bit weird. Everything that Trotski and Ash make looks and sounds incredible and I want to try it all, also they're local so aren't posting about stews and casseroles when I'm craving salads and sorbet. For drinks Liqurious is like the boozey version of Tastespotting and while I generally don't have all the ingredients, is great inspiration for dinner party cocktails and the like.

i've got a thing on my mind

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are playing at SXSW (which started today in Austin, Texas). I love Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. This song is quite frequently stuck in my head, it doesn't have a video but is totally worth clicking just to listen.

I'm not even going to bother telling you all the other bands I want to see there because if you're there then you don't need to be told and if you're not then you're probably in kind of a similar boat to me and don't want to hear about it.

out of a suitcase

For the past couple of weeks my boss and I have been having guided tours of fancy hotels in Auckland. All I can say is: I want to live in a hotel. A fancy one. In a penthouse. With a swimming pool and a bar and a maid. Or, alternatively, in a pacific island (Tahiti? New Caledonia?) right by the sea with a floating bar. Or, alternatively, in a parisian hotel decorated by Christian Lacroix. Otherwise in a luxury spa boat in Norway. I want to live a glamorous life - just call me Eloise!


I love this Fashematics equation, because it includes Totoro and anything that includes Totoro is okay in my books.

thats where you'll find me

I just listened to a very interesting breakdown of why, musically speaking, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" has been lauded as the best song of last century. Then I listened to the song, and shivers ran up my spine. If you haven't listened to it in a while, I reccomend that you do.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

if you can't sleep

Lou sent me a "first listen" link for Volume 2 by She and Him today. The last song, "If you can't sleep", is intimate and comforting, and makes me think of sanctuary.
Pic from mrn;nr.

boardwalk empire

I am so excited about Boardwalk Empire !!!!111!!!!!!@11
Maybe this will help me forgive HBO for cancelling Deadwood...
Click the link below to watch the new teaser trailer!

holy blazers batman!

I went last night to my first fashion show at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. It was presented by Vogue and so we all had free Vogues on our seats along with a fan because it was hot. The front rows had real goody bags in which I imagined were things like cosmetics and maybe even candy, who knows really. It doesn't matter because I accidentally left my magazine in a bar later and probably would've done the same with the show bag so obviously didn't deserve one.

Runway shows at LMFF go quickly, so quickly! It was fun though and due to the 'sell out show' not actually being full my pal and I got to sit next to each other and discuss. My thoughts this morning (having not taken notes and enjoyed a couple of wines post-show) extended only so far as good music choices/blazers/apricot/Therese Rawsthorne, however I've looked through some photos to jog my memory so here's a wee rundown:

Romance Was Born opened the show with this outfit. I loved the brick phone, the model, and the money coming out of her briefcase. I tried to tweet live from the show like a real fashion blogger but I didn't want to miss anything so didn't press the right buttons. The un-posted tweet however, said something along the lines of 'Romance Was Born: sequins, bloody sequins, 80s power dressing, ca$h'. I obviously wasn't especially enamoured with all the sequins but was pleased when the model in the sunglasses above came out, she strutted, hard, which was way better than all the other walking. My friend whispered to me "I like that wind cheater, that's grouse" which blew my mind in all sorts of Australian slang ways and reminded me that I still haven't quite worked out the word 'grouse'.

Dion Lee was one of the designers I didn't really know about before. There were some cool metal details on the dresses, and this shirt was actually (hard to tell in this pic) a lovely sheer cotton with crisp seams and collar which made me swoon.

Ellery was another label I wasn't too familiar with, though decided I quite like due to the sheer mauve and this grey skirt, which looks a bit blah in the picture but I do remember thinking 'I'd wear that'.

I loved Arnsdorf's slouchy tan coats, they remind me of Molly Ringwald in a want want want kind of way. I thought the models looked awkward and weird holding bags but maybe that's just me. I love those peach pants, and the creamy blouse with little bow.

I was actually looking at Antipodium's website yesterday and all of this stuff is available now. I like the long back/short front grey dress and also what I have dubbed the 'mini mouse ears bodice with squiggly straps' on the dress above and also available in a cute top. I spent some time this morning wondering whether it's pronounced an-tih-po-DEE-um or an-tih-POH-dee-um and then feeling a bit stupid about the whole thing.

Gary Bigeni, yet another I didn't know much about before last night (Australian fashion amateur, obvs). Again I loved mauves, this time a bit bluer, and the pink dress had a whole load more fabric attached to the back, like a cape or a toga, which I liked. I didn't really see much of these last night as the runway was lit with black lights except for the end with the photographers. It was probably the most high-concept part of the show but made forming an opinion on the clothes rather difficult.

Freidrich Gray disappointed me a little. I loved his beautiful silk dresses and tunics printed with Rorschach-like cosmos from a few seasons ago, but wasn't so into what I saw last night. That jumper looks comfy though!
My friend pointed out at one point that they were using 'bigger' models this year which I didn't really understand as they all looked super skinny to me, however there was one girl who might have been all of a size 6, or maybe a really tall 8 so I suppose that must have been what she meant. My boobs ached for her as she bounced past in some of the sheerer gauzy tops (that's her in the black and white dress).
Therese Rawsthorne was definitely the stand out for me. I never thought I would like anything with one shoulder but that dress looked amazing. Also the sheer lavenders and mauves and slouchey coats of course...
These photos were all taken by Lucas Dawson. Some of the clothes looked different to me last night than they do here and almost all of them you can view in lookbook context on the designers' websites.