Monday, March 1, 2010

winter woolies

Summer is officially over. Melbourne welcomed the first days of Autumn with an annoying yet aptly-timed cool change and I’ve actually found myself digging out my old favourite Lonely Hearts coat (old being the operative word here).

There are plenty of people around getting excited about Winter; coats, layers, boots and general coziness, but I personally am hoping that Summer will overstay its welcome and I can cling to my sunhats and bare legs just a little longer. Tomorrow's supposed to be warm again so it's not an entirely unfounded hope.

I’m a sucker for texture and while fur coats are ALL OVER the runways at the moment, faux and for real, I much prefer the chunky knits which tend to be an AW staple. A few good cardigans, pull-overs and socks, layered with a leather bomber or a wool coat. An extension on the current neutral-tones with some charcoal, darker browns and greens mixed in. Winter’s not looking so bad after all.
Dolce and Gabbana grey love

Topshop Unique. If there's one thing I buy this season it will be cable knit thigh highs.
Rag and Bone
Rebecca Taylor

Juilen MacDonald

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  1. aw man...and today is the first day of spring in the sorry your summer is over, that totally blows. im into the knits vs. the fur too.