Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bung bung bung

I'm picking up some photos I took with my Holga today.

love the camera but it has been tricky. So often the pictures have turned out in ways I had not expected - images shot in bright light on a sunny day with the right kind of film sometimes turn out blurry and a bit nuts-o. Sometimes heads got chopped off, too. Which is fine, just unexpected. I actually quite like the blurry and bung photos. Anyway, before I put the most recent roll of film in I asked my friend Hans about it, and he said that I'd had it on the wrong setting the whole time! Doh!

So fingers crossed, todays photos will be a bit wierd but more, um, legible.

I also have an ongoing war with the guys at the camera shop I am
forced to take my films to for development. They're never on time, they lose my film, they never offer a discount for messing me around. Turns out they are kind of notorious for being smug "no-customer-service-required-because-we-are-all-you-have" photography shop employees, and now I always go in prepared for the worst, brimming with pre-emptive righteous indignation. Who would have thought that getting film developed could be so unpleasant?

Speaking of photography, on Friday we're going to an exhibition at the Dry Dairy called Be Still by Cathy Marshall. Hopefully she didn't have to deal with the disgruntled arseholes at the camera shop that I patronise, ah ha ha ha.

The photos above are examples of the bung shot fruit of my camera's loins.

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