Thursday, March 4, 2010

long weekend

Hey you guys! It's long weekend time, if you're in Australia anyway, yay!

Some things to fill the time:

Phoenix are playing tonight at gross Festival Hall, and I can't wait!! I don't care if it's an old boxing arena, which reminds me sadly of the Queen's Wharf Events Centre in Wellington, Phoenix are lovely and it's going to be fun!

Penthouse Mouse opens tonight in Coates Lane, off Little Collins Street. It's supposedly invites only tonight but should be free the rest of the time (from 11am-9pm, tomorrow until the 16th). I went last year and wrote something boring and un-informative about it*, but if you're still interested it's a fashion/art event with a whole lot of local designers and artists showing and selling their stuffff. If you go tonight there will be booze and beautiful people, I'm sure.

There's an ICERINK at Docklands. How did I not know about this?? Well, it's expensive to go there and it looks crazy modern and nightclubbish and weird ("cool beats, hot nights"), but in a fun way! I might not be there this weekend but I plan to do it soon and if you're bored and can afford it then you should go, and then tell me all about it...

Besides that I think I'll eat delicious leftover chilli, potter in the garden, and watch some Movies

*reading that post it seems I planned a 'regular' feature on local designers. Looks like that never really happened huh.

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