Sunday, March 21, 2010

another very long post

Oh, I went to another runway show on Thursday night. This time I went alone and took notes, kind of. I also tried to take photos on my phone but that was bust.


Alpha60 I generally like because they're not crazy expensive, use nice fabric, and I wear a lot of black. I thought I saw this beautiful wool cape thing in black and in light grey, but I can't find it in the photos so maybe I imagined it. Hope not 'cause I intend on purchasing it. I also wrote 'grey trench' in my notes, so here's a picture of that. Though it was later outshone by 'Zam trench want want!'...

The notes I took for Carly Hunter are cryptic and kind of annoying: 'screen peach ghost gum necklaces'. Gah. There was a lot of pink and peach, I liked. They wore these neclaces made of hair which caught my eye and which may have been by a label called Ghost Gum but I can't find anything about that on the internet. Update: yes I can, they are.

Nom*D brought it! I got all chuffed up with kiwi pride and could swear everyone clapped louder for them. They started with three models layered in white which was nice because NZ fashion is often thought of as very dark, which it is/used to be. They of course got darker. My favourite of the white looks is a different one but the picture's all full of nipple and I feel kind of bad, here's a link though, if you're a perv. I'm quite smitten with the super-fringey bags! Also, just look at this man, I giggled.

Limedrop I know I liked but can't find anything particularly special in the pictures, there's some pretty cloud print on their website, and knitted blue camo sweaters.

I loved this bustier over shirt thing that TV did. I can't explain why, perhaps because I have a couple of 'bralets' on their way from Top Shop as we speak? They have nothing on this brocade number, but still. Also, I have been loving orange lately. They had a lot of lime, jacquard and denim too.
Zambesi! The trench that stole my heart, and trench coats in general aren't even my type. This picture does it no justice, it was actually beautiful and perfectly fit and the little capey bit at the back hung just so... I also loved the shoes but forgot to look at the end when it says where they're from, black boots with light soles, nice.

This show had lots of boys. Almost all of the collections were mixed and Jack London was all male, this one in the little hat was my favourite. I liked the colourful suits and 50s styling, and tweed.

Other non-runway highlights inculded sitting behind Allanah Hill and her posse. I didn't know who she was and was kind of confused by all the people having their photo taken with a funny Australian version of the nanny, I actually had to text a friend for assistance. In the end I asked the nice mother daughter pair beside me and was a little disappointed that she was just a designer probably best described, in my mind, as Australia's answer to Trelise Cooper. I'm sorry if I have that entirely wrong and you love Allanah Hill and/or Trelise Coop, however I have trouble moving past big hair, lipstick and ruffley clothes as defining features.

PS (unrelated star-spotting news) Yesterday WAVERLEY WILSON came into my work. That was really exciting even though no one knew who I was talking about. I forgot that she may also be known as Aurora from Outrageous Fortune, which might have been a more Aus-friendly reference.

PPS Before I went to the runway show on Thursday, I saw the creators of Refinery29 speak, it was really interesting and inspirational, and funny spotting some internet 'celebrities' but also kind of weird in that way. Off-topic related highlights included Pierra using the word 'zeitgeist' in a sentence, without any irony or air quotes, and noticing that the fashion editor at The Australian needed new heel caps on her shoes, yes, these are the important things that I scribbled during. Also someone said tenaciousness at one point which had me wondering, isn't it 'tenacity'?

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