Monday, March 8, 2010

yes, please

Han and I both love patterns, lately particularly those of a native and south american ilk, so I was super happy to see that the current wall on Supermarket Sarah is a collaboration with Patternity, an awesome London based studio specialising in pattern design and application. They have a fantastic blog filled with patterney pictures, and besides Supermarket Sarah, have collaborated with lots of other people to create crazy beautiful headpieces, prints, furniture and nail art.
Available at the moment on Supermarket Sarah are Patternity's own tights and canvas totes, as well as a whole bunch of fashion, art, and random vintage goodies collected from all over the place. Han I thought you might like this bag.
Sarah Bagner sells a whole range of awesome vintage and one off designer pieces on her website and at a stall in Portobello Markets. For the website she curates items by theme or colour and photographs them all on a wall of her house. It's a totally different style of online retailing and results in fun photographs of well thought out collections of things, just about all of which I now want to own.
A print I am especially eager for, which is still available from a past wall curated in collaboration with Fred Butler, in celebration of London Fashion Week. The artist made this the night Michael Jackson died, special. Want want want want.

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