Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Oh god I love food. I actually dreamed about two of my favourite leafy green vegetables the other night, kale and cavolonero. If anyone knows where I can find some in Melbourne please share!

My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures. I'm excited because I have some red quinoa at home which I've not used before so if I can get my hands on some kale I'm hoping to make a kind of variation on this salad. Also I recently made this chilli and it was AMAZING and I am recommending it to everyone I can. I might have even already posted about it on here, it was that good.

I'm not going to be cooking anything tonight because as soon as I finish work I'm off to see the founders of Refinery 29 give a little talk and then another runway show at LMFF which I might tell you all about on Monday...
Here are some links to my favourite foods on the internet: Tastespotting is basically food porn and also an excellent resource for recipes and things. Salad and Candy is funny and interesting and a bit weird. Everything that Trotski and Ash make looks and sounds incredible and I want to try it all, also they're local so aren't posting about stews and casseroles when I'm craving salads and sorbet. For drinks Liqurious is like the boozey version of Tastespotting and while I generally don't have all the ingredients, is great inspiration for dinner party cocktails and the like.


  1. Oh drool. Love this, do keep posting about food. :)

  2. kale, you should go to ripe organics on victoria grove in albert park, its good good good, they do the best soy banana smoothies and all the best vegetables and all the girls love food so they can tell you all you need to know about everything you buy, but i dont think kale is in season, but if it is ripe will have it!

  3. Oh, that chili looks heavenly...and i love Tastespotting. Food porn, indeed!