Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The rains have come to Auckland, which means it is time to think about buying some boots.
hate buying boots because:
1) In Auckland all the nice boots are really, really expensive.

2) In Auckland everyone owns the same nice boots because there aren't many to choose from.
3) Vintage stores have figured this out, and now their boots are also really, really expensive.
4) I have ridiculously skinny legs and ankles. I know that this sounds all "woe is me" but I actually look ridiculous in boots that are ill-fitting, and don't get me started on flat ankle boots. It's quite a concern and has plagued me since I was a little girl and my Mum (thanks, Susie) pointed out their chicken-like nature.

5) Topshop have some nice and affordable ones but I worry that everyone will have the same idea that I had and get them. Also I'm not sure they'll work with my wardrobe. Angst.

Do you guys know what sort of boots I should buy? I already have docs and some nice high heeled ankle sneaker ones (sounds like a contradiction in terms, I know). I would prefer not to spend a million bucks on them, but am not opposed to layby. At the moment the boot that springs to mind is some beau coops from GAG or the Public Libaray. Otherwise some Kathryn Wilson flat ones? The mind boggles. Piccies from Jak and Jil.

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