Sunday, March 21, 2010


I ate the most delicious brunch on the weekend (Lou, brace yourself):

Potato rosti with pancetta and gruyere, with rocket and a perfectly poached egg on top. It was drizzled with basil pesto. It was so delicious that between bites I would point at it and exclaim "CHEESE/PANCETTA/ROCKET/RUNNY YOLK" to my bemused (vegetarian) flatmate.


  1. Jealoussss. I ate a yummy Morrocan-ish lentil thing with capsicum and beef, that was a nice dinner.

  2. I should have taken a photo. It was magnificent. From Dida's. I was glad mum wasn't there cos all the staff looked vaguely slavic and she would have asked which village they were from and I would have been embarrassed and probably would have run away with the plate saying "YOU'RE SO EMBARRASSING I WISH I WAS ADOPTED"