Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so pretty it hurts

When I lived in Auckland Juliette Hogan's store was on the corner of my street. I tended to walk past early in the morning or late evening so actually only ever went in there once or twice, but I did obsess over various things through the window, namely the sweet floral print in Autumnal browns which she used on a lampshade and a little skirt. I really wanted both of those.

I saw some pictures from her current lookbook over at SeeSaw Designs today and have become totally enamoured with this cape/cloak/coat number. It comes in black or mauve wool, or a gorgeous coral crepe.

I've also decided that what I really want for winter, besides cable knit thigh-highs, is a very short, long sleeved dress. The fawn one below is beautiful... Also, this is yet another case of lookbook shoe envy. I want them.
Pictures are all from Juliette Hogan and Guy Coombes, who took them.

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  1. Wow those really are so pretty it hurts. Thanks so much for posting this! it's beautiful.