Thursday, September 30, 2010

to do

It seems this blog has spiralled into a stream of what we did this week/weekend lists and seventies adoration. That's okay, I'm not sure what it spiraled from and whether this was a downwards spiral either.
Here's why I'm happy: it's a bright Friday afternoon and after work I am going to drink beer in the sun with a sweet girl, and tomorrow with a sweet boy in another sunny spot (I hope), this weekend I'm planning to go to the giant hardware store and buy paint for my bike and a friend's, finish my book, bake this cake, transplant the seedlings from my windowsill to the garden (despite the impending house move - it would be a waste not to plant them...), listen to this and go to a barbeque to raise funds for a friend who was arrested last week for swearing at a police man who swore at him first.

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  1. Well done with the post!! I am glad that i found your website and got opportunity to read this post!