Thursday, September 16, 2010

something i've never noticed before

but which is popping up all over the place around me lately...

is the way that some men have of completely naturally unbuttoning their jackets as they sit down. My boss does it, a man on the train did it, and last night Jon Hamm did it on the Daily Show (it happens about 53 seconds into that clip). I don't know why but this gesture to me exudes masculinity, confidence, and some kind of old-fashioned etiquette and charm. Like tying a tie, it seems something men should have learnt from their fathers.

Anyway thinking about this reminded me of this great photo essay from Rolling Stone, and how much I love love Mad Men. How gorgeous is that photo of Elizabeth Moss and Robert Morse aka Peggy and Bert Cooper at the top??

p.s. Jon Hamm's voice makes me weak at the knees

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