Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Get one egg yolk, some grated parmesan,the juice and zest of about half a lemon (or less), about five tablespoons of cream. Salt and pepper. Mix them together with a fork. In the meantime, put some fettucine or other fat noodles on to boil. Chop up some parsley. When the pasta is almost cooked, drain it and pop it back in the pot, off the heat. Roll some butter through it, as much as you like. Then, very quickly, put the eggy lemon mix in, and stir it through briskly so it does not turn into scrambled eggs. Tip it in a bowl, sprinkle it with parsley, devour, hopefully while wearing pyjamas. This is a Nigella recipe and I can't stop thinking about eating it again.

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  1. Ooh I make a version of this. You don't even need the cream really, and to avoid the scrambled egg-ness, put the pasta into the egg mixture, not the other way round. Creamy goodness!