Wednesday, September 22, 2010

new hair

Lou: Of course, of course, OF COURSE I have seen Boardwalk Empire. 

Its fashion week here and I'm completely uninvolved in it (its also NZ Opera's Macbeth week which obviously is much more important). However, one of our friends is very involved in it, and she somehow found the time to cut my hair yesterday. Now I have a Clara Bow bob sitting on my head, and I like it a lot. It is taking some getting used to, though, mostly because my neck is a bit cold and I feel as though my face (and, of course, my lip pimple) is very much on display. Anyway, I want to curl my hair so that it looks like this:
And then I want someone to host a Boardwalk Empire themed party so I can dress up in a saucy tuxedo.

Backstage at twenty seven names (photo from NZ Herald)

I'm not going to any shows other than Karen Walker, which is hilarious because I only own one KW thing, and it is a T Shirt. I wish I had gone to Ruby and Twentysevennames, though, since I actually buy their clothes. But as a person who enjoys fashion but otherwise is totally removed from the Fashion Industry, I wasn't going  anywhere. I especially like Ruby. They have beers and sausage sizzles at their sales, which is a sure fire way to make me buy things from them. 
Ruby at Fashion Week, from Fashionz
Instead of going to Fashion shows I went to the Atrium on Elliot, which is a mall near my work that is chocka-block full of small, mostly Asian boutiques. I wandered through, feeling a bit out of place and not-put-together-enough but found a knit jersey with a panda on it and a really pretty black dress. I would like them both. And that is my NZFW 2010 report. 

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  1. Have been thinking about a prohibition party since the second that party scene started in the show. Blackface big band, balloons, champagne everywhere and whiskey, sweet whiskey. And dancing of course...
    We should do it at one of those rare times we are in the same country together?