Sunday, September 26, 2010

i hate this but

I'm looking for a new home, again.

We've been here less than three months but we recently found out that our landlords are selling. While we don't have to be out until January, I don't think I could bear four months of househunting and so am hoping to move sooner rather than later (and have so decided against purchasing a bookshelf specifically for the current house, and unpacking the books).

Everywhere in Melbourne seems to have gone up by about $200 per week since I last checked and it's all a bit disheartening. All the time spend perving on beautiful light-filled scandanavian apartments of parquet floors, white walls and mismatched dining chairs is also a bit disheartening, but also inspiring.

Most of these pictures came from here, here, here and here and are also stuck to my wall in a kind of 'The Secret'ish way.

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