Tuesday, August 3, 2010

small things

(and some bigger things) I'm cheerful about:
  • The cutting that's been sitting in a champagne flute of water on my desk for a couple of months has grown two healthy twisty roots, I think that's called propogating?
  • My hyacinths and daffodils have started to bloom
  • My mum's coming to visit in November
  • I have a new job - well, it's not especially new, but it is now official
  • I have a new home - it's little and sweet and I move in next week, there's two delightful girls and a little garden out the back which I can't wait to fill with flowers and veges
  • I'm going to see Laura Marling tonight, I saw School of Seven Bells on Sunday, and last week Here we go Magic and Grizzly Bear, phew! I'm not sure if/when I'll get to write more about those shows but in a nutshell SSB were great, and pretty, and fun; GB was amazing, I like them far better live; and Here we go Magic were incredible, they played all my favourite songs and beautifully...
  • Oh, and I finally get to see Boy this weekend
These lovely plants come from Katie Merchant, Lolita, and some tumblrs I unfortunately have forgotten

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  1. Can you please call me and hold your phone up in the air when she plays "Hope in the Air", especially just before she goes "why fear death, be scared of living...our hearts are small and ever thinning"