Thursday, August 19, 2010


It feels as though the past couple of weeks have been the coldest of the winter so far. I've been walking to work wrapped head to toe and breathing little clouds but still I am quite certain spring is close. The magnolia trees are flowering, all the different varieties, and the flower shops are filled with hyacinths, jonquils, early cheer and fresias. I'm so ready for this change in seasons I've almost skipped forward a few months and am already anticipating the summer. I intend for this one to be filled with countryside picnics, river swims, beach roadtrips and sleeping in the sun. Nothing out of the ordinary really.

There must something in the air at the moment because I have been repeatedly, pleasantly, surprised with news and possibilities over the last 24 hours. My whole self is filled with anticipation and excitement. This optimism could be applied to anything right now, even the prospect of a far off summer on a freezing Melbourne night.

These photos come from Wild at Heart, Lolita and Heart in a Cage...

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