Wednesday, August 11, 2010

needle and threads

I have a small collection of embroidery thread gifted to me by my mother earlier this year (she is an amazing crafty woman, and has recently completed embroidering a mind blowing topographical scale model of Antarctica, by the way). Anyway I'm far less accomplished with a needle than she or Han, who once cross-stitched a cushion cover of Mr Darcy's face for a friend, and so put the thread in a box for the day it might eventually come in handy.

Inspiration struck this afternoon when I came across these bright and delightful abstract works of Japanese artist Takashi Iwasaki.


  1. I DID do that, didn't I? I am such a good friend. I cannot find any photographic evidence of it, otherwise it'd be all over this blog.

  2. They're so beautiful, where can we buy these so we can also make them?

  3. You could try contacting the artist, Takashi Iwasaki, if you want to buy them - there are contact details on his website

    Otherwise you could just get creative and see what happens, to make something like these you would need coloured thread, needles, and some fabric to act as your canvas. An embroidery frame would probably come in handy too. I've been experimenting a bit and it's fun!