Thursday, August 19, 2010

the look

See this? I made it. As Lou mentioned earlier, about two years ago I spent a year making it. My flatmate found the pattern in a magazine. It meant learning how to cross stitch but I did it. I was doing Honours at the time and would cross stitch on the bus, or while watching tv, or when I was meant to be writing essays. Once, I cross stitched it while watching Pride and Prejudice. I spent more money than is rational on embroidery thread. I found a pretty cushion cover in the Sallies, washed it, attached the cross stitch to it, made a black velvet border and tied bows on each corner. I gave it to one of my oldest friends (the one who the Mr Darcy obsession began with) for Christmas that year and when she opened it all she said was: "You win. YOU WIN". The bows have mostly fallen off because she hugs it so much. Notice the way I attempted to make him resemble a devotional icon with the golden rays emanating from his head. I have seen other Mr Darcy cross stitches on the internet but I have never seen this one's equal. 

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