Monday, May 31, 2010

the vermillion discs tumble in


dark lady

Ruby droplets of pomegranate

Carmen miranda's christmas crown

The russian formalists said the purpose of literature was to make the stones stonier, this makes the nuts nuttier.

Lovely...river...of pink juice...folded together in a messy clump...

I love their...waxy richness

What you do with this beautiful amber disc, is break it up into big fat gold shards...

One meat is a meal, two meats is a feast!

Glorious porcini...expensive, but, you're worth it

There's something strange that happens when you add them to the porcini, its like they respond to the call of the wild

Look at this venison (mince), like something out of a still life

Far from dreading that recurring turkey, I live for it

Blitzed into wonderful, velvety, creamy emulsions.

Treacle: just malevolent

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