Friday, May 7, 2010

sound advice, the end

Part three of three, here's one and two.

Music Blogs
There are so many music blogs out there! It hurts my brain to try and comprehend them all so I tend to just let HypeM sort through them and tell me what to read. There are just a couple that I check regularly, and they are yet to disappoint. Rose Quartz is one of them, it has an awesome header and is run by four guys who are apparently spread across the globe, and have great taste in music. I don't even like everything they post, but I'll still assert that they will not disappoint, like it or not, I often haven't heard of it and it's usually pretty interesting. And I like the pictures they post with the songs. The other is Gorilla vs Bear. If Gorrilla vs Bear were just one person, they would have very similar music taste to me. I really don't know that much about them (him, her?) because I tend to go straight to the mp3s, but their 'about' page says they were once called 'the New Yorker of music blogs' which is cool for them. And they've started putting up monthly mixes, in addition to their regular posts. I was first introduced by GvB to Summer Camp, Here We Go Magic and Best Coast, among other current most faves. This post is a good place to start!

Photo by Clara Belzary, stolen from No Retrospective.

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