Sunday, May 9, 2010

tip my hat

Winter is coming and I have a cold head.
This means that I require a hat. After discovering the joys of a wide brimmed straw hat over summer, I want a winter version. It has to have a wide-ish brim, but not to the point of the American Apparel floppy ones. I want it to be pert with a hint of cowgirl, made of felt and structured. In short, I want this:

And I will dedicate this lunch break to finding a vintage one, as opposed to the Kenzo hats pictured. I don't know why I bother writing things about the things I like, I may as well just shout "ANNIEHALLALIMCGRAWANGELICAHUSTON70SBEIGEKATHERINEROSS". This is funny because I don't really dress like them at all. Photos from jak and jil and my archives.

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