Sunday, May 2, 2010

I live at the edge of the universe, like everybody else

Just got home from a weekend away in Wellington. I was totally struck (again) by how incredible the waterfront is there, and at how wonderful it is to be able to easily wander around the city. People really make use of public spaces in the Capital, which happens less visibly in Auckland.

All that being said, as someone who has called both cities home, I really don't get why some Wellingtonians are so anti-Auckland. I don't know if Aucklander's feel the same way. They seem to be less visceral about it than the Wellingtonians I know!

Anyway, things I like in Wellington: cauliflower, feta and parmesan fritters from Olive; boots from GAG (eep!); Madame Fancy Pants fixing my much treasured cat in the moon necklace; Peoples Coffee; how much Wellingtonians talk about coffee; seeing all my sweet Sweet's friends and eating quesadillas.

Pictures are of the Wellington Writers Walk, which is another thing I really like about the place.

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