Thursday, May 6, 2010

sound advice, part two

Yesterday I freaked out and thought I had nothing to listen to except sex advice. I asked some people to recommend stuff, and then I kind of remembered how incredible the internet is and how much there is out there to please our ears.

Besides the podcasts, here are some online mixes you may be interested in...
The Oak and Ivy is a pub in Perth, I've never been there so, rather than risk misinforming you, I won't tell you any more about it except that this website, which seems to have a bit to do with them, has some great mixes on it. They haven't updated since last year, but it's worth listening to the older ones. Natalie recommended the File magazine mixtapes to me yesterday, in the height of my listening dillema. I've only got through one so far and it's good! Also I love the whole idea and the fact that now I know about some artists who I didn't know about before. Natalie also, a while back, introduced me to Charm Bag (she's good like that), they're terribly good and random mixes, loved by me particularly for their variety. Episode 4, for instance, includes The Clean, Horrors, Dum Dum Girls, and The Shangri-Las...

I'm not sure who took these pictures of Davendra Banhart at the beach, but I found them at Wild at Heart, and he is a babe.

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