Thursday, January 21, 2010


Arnsdorf and Tina Kalivas

Yesterday was my first day off since I got back to work and so I spent it wisely - shopping.

It's sale time ladies and here is what you need to know:

ARNSDORF rules - they make lovely, simple things in lots of pretty colours. They're closing the pop-up shop on Gertrude Street today but if you hurry you can probably convince them to cut you some sweet deals.... If you read this after today (Friday) then you'll have to shop online or look for them elsewhere, like Alice Euphemia.

...which brings me to ALICE EUPHEMIA. Alice also rules - they stock an awesome range of Australian designers, and now some Kiwis too, the delivery of Lonely lingerie by Lonely Hearts has been delayed but I have faith it will arrive, and soon! Also, I spotted a lucky girl purchasing a sweet Deadly Ponies waistcoat (vest? jerkin?) there last night so yay for you NZ. As well as my two fave nz labels, Alice stocks Romance Was Born, Friederich Gray, TV (which I have to say, is growing on me), Marnie Skillings, and heaps more. I scored the Tina Kalivas mini I've had my eye on all Summer and they're on sale NOW so go there!! ps I'm so excited about Tina Kalivas' new collection, but more on that later

Everywhere is actually on sale at the moment, but these guys are my top picks.

Oh and while I'm at it, ACNE have about 3 good things on their sale rack, which are actually almost affordable, I would recommend going in there if you are extremely tiny or quite large (so you can get the lilac dress that I fell in love with, and I can be jealous of you but happy that someone lovely has it), FYI there's nothing worth trying on there if you're just in between.

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