Monday, January 11, 2010

back, though not yet back in business

Hello again, happy 2010?

My lovely Summer break is finished and while Han has another week of holidays she's back in NZ now too.... So I suppose some things might start happening around here again soon.
I think the part of my brain that forms sentences may have melted and poured out of my ears sometime during the hottest night ever, so for now I will leave you with these pretty pretty 'balloons' from Clementine Henrion and some random highlights of the past few weeks...

We danced in the rain on rooftops, we read by pools slathered in sunscreen, we wore hats and little else, we ate ham and cheese croissants, ham and cheese toasted sandwiches, and drank bloody marys, we drank gin from a bucket and beer from plastic cups, we watched bats fly over audrey hepburn and dozed as she searched for "cat, cat", we walked, and trammed, and taxied. We found The Worst Dress (which shan't be mentioned again), and bought too many books, rowed boats, danced on rocks and saw lions roar. So far it has been an excellent Summer.

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