Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Three cheap, easy, and wholeheartedly recommended online purchases:

I Love You
Only 5 Euros! I know that it works out to a little more once you pay for postage and convert the currency, but a few days later this magical magazine will arrive on your doorstep and you'll forget all about those 3 or so coffees you could have bought.

Pie Paper
Introduced to me by (and featuring) the lovely and talented Natalie Smith. It's only US$10 including postage worldwide. I'm waiting for my copy in the mail now, weee.

'an 80-page book of stories and art which is the result of a collaboration between me [Molly Young] and the talented Christopher Luxton.' Limited run of 500, US$16 including international postage, go go go before it runs out!

Pictures all came from the websites they're linked to..... Please go buy these things, they're totally worth it and lovely and pretty and independant and international and these are all good things.
I have to admit this was all made possible by the surprise(ish) appearance of money in my paypal account - thanks ma...

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