Sunday, January 24, 2010

one night stand

Best Weekend Ever!

In the wee hours of Saturday morning I flew out to Auckland for two of my bestest friends' engagement party, it was so much fun!! I got to experience the joys of international travel with only carry on! I didn't even take a pair of flats (eat your heart out sea of shoes)! I had a blast 'DJ'ing and dirty dancing with my beautiful friend Natalie and drank far too much chamagne. Actually, too much bubbles, not enough champagne... Someone told me I look tanned! I got to see so many of my favourite people all in one place and also made some new friends! My feet hurt! I'm exhausted! But it was worth it, thanks so much to the lovely Kate and Scott for such a wonderful party, and as usual the hospitality, and now I CAN'T WAIT for the wedding!


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