Wednesday, October 21, 2009

electric flesh-arrows...traversing the body. a rainbow of colours strikes the eyelids*

With Summer JUST AROUND THE CORNER I am considering ditching my usually all black attire for a more summery, vibrant, patterned and outrageous look. At least for a couple months. I am in love with Marc Jacobs' crazy patterns (top) and Luella's splashes of coral and lemon (above), but on my dentally depleted budget I think I'll keep an eye out in Melbourne for Karen Walker, Lonely Hearts' new collection** (it's still mosly black but with some nice yellow surprises) and try to figure out a way to get Miss Crabb over here.
Karen WalkerLonely Hearts
Miss Crabb

For something a little closer to home, I will be avoiding the massive Claude Maus sale*** this weekend and try working Gorman, PAM or some of Alpha 60's new lavender and champaigney hues into the wardrobe (I'm terrible at finding pictures of PAM stuff online and seem to be having as much trouble with Alpha 60 now, so you'll just have to trust me. Both Gorman below).

*The title comes from a raunchy quote from Anais Nin that I love; "Electric flesh-arrows...traversing the body. A rainbow of colours strikes the eyelids. A foam of music falls over the ears."
**You can find Lonely Hearts at SomeBuddy Loves you on Smith Street and Milk Shoppe Gang on Johnston Street, both in Fitzroy. They're also stocked elsewhere but nowhere I can remember the name of right this second... Feel free to help out here.

***80% off for those who are still feeling monochromatic, it's on Fri/Sat/Sun at the Carlton Hotel and Studios on Bourke - and that was actually a lie, I won't be avoiding it.
UPDATE: I just re-read this and realised I make it sound as though KW, Lonely Hearts and Miss Crabb are cheap, they're not, sorry. But still more affordable than Marc and Luella I think......

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