Sunday, January 24, 2010

what a great night

My did we have fun this weekend!
I'm very tired and hungover so here are some photos of pretty lights from Franklin Road in Ponsonby.
Things I like today include: cheap hamburgers with extra cheese, Lou and her jet-setting ways, bloody marys, white carnations, fifties skirts, dirty hip-hop, hairobics and the "Requiem for a Gleet" episode of Deadwood. Oh, and my Dad for taking one look at the wasps' nest outside my house and saying he'll be round next weekend to deal to it, and will bring something to spray on the scarily prolific ivy. Thanks, Dad.

PS. I'm thinking of buying some grey marle, two toned hareem pants. My flatmate said they look like an elephant's vagina. She's totally right, I don't even know why I like them. But I do. I like the idea of showing up to work at the Opera wearing two toned grey marle hareem pants - I'll be extremely comfortable, and all my lovely, kindly, Aunty-esque colleagues will be totally amused. And what am I here for, if not to amuse?


  1. Snap!
    Best party, best weekend. Dumb I didn't get to give you your birthday gift in person but it's at Kate's house so make sure she gives it to you!
    Please don't buy the pants. I know they'll be comfortable but I also know that you'll end up wearing them outside of the opera office and I don't want you to have any part in legitimising oops-I-crapped-my-pants pants. Seriously, this is a leggings as pants sized issue.


    Besides, I have turned over a new leaf and will now be purchasing only vintage until I magically increase my earning power.

    Also, leggings as pants works in several situations, namely those when the crotch is covered. Hence, I don't consider it an issue.

  3. Kind of like how harem pants work in several situations, namely those when you couldn't fit an adult diaper into the crotch,or something. No wait, namely those where you don't leave the couch.

    (I do like the two-toned-ness though, not hating entirely)