Monday, March 16, 2009

richard avedon + skeleton = skelevdon?

I couldn't get all of these to work. But there was a time when we did:

me: i thinkthey are hilarious5:19 PM Louise: okay i take it back they're totally funny the first few aren't but they are good after that on the toilet gold5:20 PM me: yes i like it when the skeleton wears clothes Louise: they're real fucking 80s when are they from? wait should i just read maybe me: richard avedon the new yorker 19955:21 PM Louise: yup ha me: god they are good, i keep re-looking at them Louise: yeah me: the one where he has a purple hat on Louise: i want to print some of the less bad ones5:22 PM hmm, i am almost alone in this office maybe i should do some colour [rinting me: hahahah do it Louise: I am sleeping bag dress hello5:23 PM they're going on the fridge me: get toilet seat sex and purple hat and american flag5:24 PM Louise: i'm getting painter that was my first lol one me: its good5:25 PM Louise: american flag is sleeping bag dress and i'll get toilet me: yeah SWEET Louise: yay new fridge pics me: good ones too Louise: to replace cute pandas and fat cats

Taken from foto decadent...Nadja Auermann


  1. To replace cute pandas and fat cats!

  2. Also, where is sleeping bag dress?
    On the toilet is still one of the best I must say.
    Excellent... xx

  3. Such a genius... This is my favourite among Averon's works.

  4. They're not hilarious, they're beautiful.