Sunday, March 22, 2009

pretty hair and pretty voices

Zooey Deschanel was the catalyst for this list, she has it all down to a T, even the pretty eyeliner which didn't quite make it into the title but is still something of a motif here. I fell in love with her as the she of She & Him (the him being M Ward, they're pictured together above), and subsequently with her sweet style and pretty hair and sticky outey ears. Also one time I was compared to her which, while being rather inacurate on all fronts, was most flattering.

Natasha Kahn of Bat for Lashes. She's also adorable, wears great clothes, and makes music I like listening to with girlfriends. The video for what's a girl to do is one of my most favourites.

Jenny Lewis. Sensing a theme here? Yeah, I'm predictable. But still. The Postal Service, Rilo Kiley, with the Watson Twins, I love her in all her incarnations, and she is playing here (in Melbourne) on April 2nd and 4th.

Lykke Li. Less alt-country-indie-american, more Swedish (you can be sure a lengthy post regarding my love of the Swedes will follow). Eyeliner, tick. Hair, tick (I have huge topknot envy). Voice, tick, tick, tick. The cover/duet she does with Caleb Followhill of Kings of Leon is amazing, and mentioned here previously.

Feist. She wore a sequined jumpsuit on an apple ad, appeared on Sesame Street, and made a beautiful duet with Ben Gibbard for the Dark Was the Night compilation, if you haven't listened to it you must.

Honorable mention to Sally Seltmann aka New Buffalo. I'm not quite
as envious of her hair as the ladies above, but her voice is beautiful, she co-wrote Feist's 1234, did a cover of 4 Seasons in One Day, collaborated with Jens Lekman, and lives in Melbourne too.

I was somewhat disappointed to find most of the singerey lady types I love at the moment not only have the same hair, but it's all long and fringey and wavy. Perhaps because that's the opposite to mine and I'm jealous, but would welcome any short haired songstresses onto this list and into my iTunes with open arms .

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  1. i basically saw this trailer and have decided that this is my ultimate new movie cause the dude is awesome and zooey is also awesome -