Tuesday, March 3, 2009

j'adore... la femme française

J'aime bien toutes les choses françaises.

I like berets, striped t shirts, long cigarettes and baguettes. Croissants, clichés, Camille and romance. I have fantasies about Rendezvous' in Gay Paree.

For a little while I spoke French but my vocabulary having severely diminished I can now converse only with toddlers. Which is a complete joy I might add. If it weren't for the recession I would be spending tomorrow with two very adorable French babies, who have been teaching me
la langue all over again. As it stands their French mother can no longer afford my services, so I am reduced to combing Garance Doré for my weekly francophile bursting capsule kick.

Françoise Sagan, the author of Bonjour Tristesse and one of my favorite femmes françaises. T
he illustration at the top is by the trés trés chic Garance Doré.

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  1. coucou louise, octave missed you yesterday, kept asking "où est louise?" and he draw a picture for you. You can see the kids and read some French at http://www.fofie.net/
    do you want to borrow my Hogla camera for your trip?