Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This isn't a travel blog, but I suspect a lot of what you read here will be about journeys. I am terribly obsessed with travel, despite not actually partaking in so much of it. I love going places, I get giddy at the thought of an ascending aeroplane and am oft disappointed upon landing. I can sleep in cars, buses and on trains, I don't get seasick, I even like lining up for customs. But I hate packing. The thought of it makes me a little anxious even now, as if there's something maybe I'm forgetting to write, and I won't realise until it's already posted and it's TOO LATE.

Unfortunately packing (and unpacking, and re-packing) is a big part of the kind of extended, adventurous travel I plan on eventually doing, so I am going to attempt to overcome my anxiety by focussing on pleasant details, such as luggage. How lovely it would be to one day – practicality and weight restrictions aside – pack up all your worldly possessions in a set of antique suitcases (like those above, or the beautiful Louis Vuitton rangein Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited) and take off for an adventure on the other side of the world.

This is not happening in my forseeable future, so in the meantime vintage trunks remain only an interior decorating option. And while I have g
ot a holiday planned, it is only for 5 days and I intend to pack very little besides bathing suits and books. These duffle bags from The Luggage Professionals (below) and A.P.C (further below, sigh) would be ideal though price tags mean I will probably be carrying my swimsuits in a thrifty, if not quite as timeless, American Apparel bag .

Oh, who am I kidding
I am a sucker for AA any day.


  1. Well, i have been hunting for the perfect duffle bag and the best ones i found are the monocle bags from Porter.
    If only a man bag was easy to find among the filth of ebay and the banality of retail enviroments.

  2. Seriously you should buy A.P.C. You can afford it, so, you know.