Thursday, October 1, 2009


Happy weekend!

It's pretty dismal outside, and I've had a pretty dismal week to be honest, but I'm still rather excited about two days off.

There's a music festival tomorrow that I've been rather vague and ambivalent about, much to the chagrin of my enthusiastic friends (one has 11 house guests coming from, another lined up hours for tickets, and all of my workmates under 30 looked positively aghast when I said I'd gotten the weekend off for this but didn't have a ticket and wasn't really in the market for one).

However a ticket has materialised, at the last minute, and now I need to work on turning the ambivalence to enthusiasm. It shouldn't be so hard seeing how little effort I put into this and when I know that it will likely end up being lots of fun...

So rather than being the grinch who stole Parklife, I'm going to do my best to get a decent night's sleep this evening and wake up on the right side tomorrow.

Saving the gumboots for Meredith (which I'm actually quite looking forward to), the question is now of appropriate footwear.

It probably won't look like this.

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