Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last night, my flatmate and I were talking about the classic "if you had to choose, would you go without food or sex for the rest of your life?" question (assuming, of course, that you could survive on sex and not need to consume food). Neither of us hesitated when we chose the former. I could, I think, quite easily live without sex if I had a wide selection of creamy blue cheeses to eat and lots of asparagus. And prosciutto.

Perhaps that's because I've mostly lived with people who really appreciate nice food. I've lived with kitchen hands and stoner chefs in training, people whose parents instilled in them the desire to put delicious things in their faces. We'd cook epic meals together, have weekly roasts, make trips to Mediterranean, Indian, South African food warehouses to find new things (mostly cheeses...). We'd have long and obsessive g-chats about what to cook for dinner. * We'd pick blackberries from the abandoned council land up the road to make pies with. It all sounds rather twee but they're some of the least twee people I know.

In my current flat, we buy cookbooks and plan fancy-ish meals. We're getting an organic vege box delivered to us every week (it winds up being really cheap! And they're seasonal, la di da la la). That's not to say that we're amazing cooks, because we're really not. We eat an inordinate amount of pasta and cheese.

One of my favourite chefs in Nigel Slater. He's a cook after my own heart: everything is made from scratch, there's lots of butter, cheese and cream and not too much fluffing about with fancy things. He has writes casually but is clearly passionate. Comfort food is embraced, which is good, 'cos that's all I make.

When I found his column in the Guardian online it destroyed my workday. I went through about 500 pages of recipes, and then the "Ask Nigel" section. I also want his book about vegetables, called Tender.

Photos from Nigel's website.

* Neenish Tarts
3:40 PM Alex: did you just call your mum for the recipe
me: i emailed her
3:54 PM Alex: il print that one
me: i can't find it
Alex: what
the edomnds
we have 2 at home
me: yeah
3:57 PM Alex: okay then
3:58 PM shal we do it tonite, can you slot it in
me: yeh
although, as i have said - zero dollars
3:59 PM Alex: salreight u can O me
me: unless we buy the ingredients on the flat card and make them for the flat
as a whole
Alex: yeh let do that
me: sweet
4:00 PM Alex: do u got the card
me: yep
we could get ingredients on the way home from work
4:01 PM Alex: wukid

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