Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i love lamp

Today happiness comes in the form of:

1) This adorable lamp I bought off etsy. Look at it's wee face! It's name shall be Albino Stevie the Second, after the recently deceased bottom-feeding, cave dwelling, cannabalistic, no-eyed, translucent deamon fish I foolishly adopted a couple of months ago. RIP Albino Stevie the First. I suspect Albino Stevie the Second will be more of a pleasure to have around.

2) Today my boss lead our office in yoga (she was a professinal dancer and remains fabulous and ridiculously flexible) and then we followed it with delicious pies. I was the worst, my legs shook like a little chihuahua's. This is funny because a) it looks funny and b) I'm about thirty years younger than everyone else who was doing yoga.

3) Last night we pretended to be little plants growing from seed to blossoming flower while dancing to Hallelujah by Rufus Rainwright. I don't know how that happened (actually , I do, but it is not a story for the internet).

4) I'm going to the Twilight/New Moon DOUBLE FEATURE OPENING NIGHT AT ST LUKES. Words cannot express how happy I am about this. It is a late-night showing which means that it will be full of older creeps like myself (and about 20 of my friends) who will probably be a bit drunk and silly. EDWARD CULLEN 4 LYF/TEAM CULLEN/SQUEE. The opinions and views expressed by this writer does not represent those of the other writer of this blog.


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